• December Delivery Dates!

    You didn't think donuts would miss the sleigh did you?! Donut deliveries for December will be on the following days: Saturday 7th Saturday 14th  S...
  • September Delivery Dates!

    Get your Gluten Free AND Vegan Donut fix in September:   Sunday 1st September Monday 2nd September Friday 13th September (What could go wrong..) Sa...
  • Two Pieces of Exciting News!

    I’ve got a couple of bits of news to share with you all, which is really exciting! Firstly, and thanks to all of you and your support, I’ve been s...
  • Would you nominate me?

    Nominate my Gluten Free and Vegan Donuts for the Annual Dorset Food, Drink and Farm Awards!
  • EVENT - Bridport Food Festival - 15th June


    I never thought that one day I'd end up selling my own Donuts there. Well, I am! This year. 

    I've got to say a HUGE thank you to the team behind the event, as I've been lucky enough to have been awarded a bursary to exh...

  • EVENT - Thomas Hardy Victorian Fair - 2nd June

    I've got two events planned in June, which is probably enough, given that we'll have a newborn to look after.. Can newborns eat Donuts? Asking for a friend..

    Sunday 2nd June - Thomas Hardy Victorian Fair, Dorchester

    To celebrate the 179th Birthday of one of Dorchester's most famous residents, Thomas Hardy, there's going to be a Victorian St..

  • June Delivery Dates

    Both Lois and I are still waiting for the arrival of our first child, he or she was due 9 days ago..! I've got several deliveries to make tomorrow so Sod's law says baby will probably make an appearance tonight!

    We'll be popping up at a couple of events in..

  • Mixed Boxes of 6!?

    Yes. The time has come! You can now buy boxes of six Donuts with up to three flavours! 

    When I first launched, I delivered boxes of 12 and these boxes were all one flavour. Very quickly it was apparent that some of you could eat 12 donuts, but when they were all the same flavour, it bec..

  • May Delivery Dates

    So, there’s likely to be a very special delivery on the 30th April, that isn’t Donut related! Our first child should be here, or around about that ...
  • April Delivery Dates

    There’s going to be a new member of The Dorset Donut Co joining us at the end of April. A little diddy Donut! 👶🏼  I’ll need to make sure that I’m n...
  • Where you’ll find my Donuts..

    Hi 👋🏻 Thanks for continuing to show interest in my new business, it’s really great to see.  So since the success of the Yeovil Vegan Market, I’ve...
  • Competition Winner - Delivery Updates - Exciting News fo Essex!

    So, I launched my website just over three weeks ago and it’s been go go go ever since.  I’m making deliveries all over the County and meeting loads...